A guide to art in NYC, with families in mind.

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Featured Artist: Holli Schorno

I asked our featured artist Holli Schorno to recall her earliest art appreciation experience.  This was her reply:  "When I was young my mom took my sister and me often to the Oakland Museum.  I loved the pond full of carp that lined the entrance and the Native American collection.  It wasn't until I was older, 8 or so, that I remember my mom showed me a 17th century landscape painting that was becoming transparent in some areas.  Upon closer inspection you could see figures dancing in the faded areas.  That was the first time I heard the word pentimento and the first time I was transfixed by a work of art."
Thank-you Holli.

Holli Schorno is a Newark based artist born in Oakland, Ca.  She has shown extensively nationally and internationally and is the recipient of the Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant and two Mid Atlantic Fellowship Awards.

(Photograph: Children investigating some of Holli's newest collages at the Pavel Zoubok Gallery  533 West 23rd show runs till April 16th. credit: Courtesy Holli Schorno)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Holli Schorno: "Adding On"

Power Plant  
Holli Schorno presents her new collage series entitled "Adding On" at the Pavel Zoubok Gallery. Using tiny cut pieces of paper Ms. Schorno constructs a world of industrial pursuits. Uniformed workers fix strange machines that may or may not produce some kind of energy. All the parts look as if they were found in a surreal junkyard. A very large piece entitled "Power Plant" erupts with vapors and vaguely familiar objects. The landscape looks bleak and every thing is being pieced together by the workers. Are they finding the solution or adding on to the problem? Ask your kids. The show is up until April 16th at the Zoubok Gallery 533 West 23rd street. @pavelzoubok.com
Perfect for:  All ages

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

David Altmejd: Plexiglass and Plaster

At the Andrea Rosen Gallery, the artist David Altmejd presents us with swans made from plaster casts of arms and legs. They flock together in an enormous Plexiglas vessel. The human forms suggest life but the synthetic materials contradict. The work is entitled The Vessel, 2011. Across from it you see second large scale plexiglas container entitled, The Swarm. A fantastical vivarium, that teems with constructed bees and ants. Layers upon layers of hand-painted thread extending across the walls suggest roots or a nervous system. In another room a wall is scraped and sculpted with plaster to form a frenzy of hands grasping at each other. The wall seems to want to come alive. Take your teens. As I left the gallery a high school class was making it's way in. The exhibit runs till April 23rd at the Andrea Rosen Gallery.
Perfect for: Teens and sophisticated pretweens

Sunday, March 27, 2011

The Master's Studio

Know a budding young illustrator or caricature artist? Take him or her to see the actual drafting table and famous barber's chair of the Master himself Al Hirschfeld. His studio has been reconstructed in the lobby of the Performing Arts Library at Lincoln Center. Thousands of pen-and-ink caricatures of dancers, actors and Celebrities, originated in this humble table and chair. Probably the whole history of performing arts in the 20th century recorded for posterity in his masterpieces. Inspire another one to follow. Take your kids to see this loving tribute.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Tara Donovan: Last chance!

Don't forget to check out Tara Donovan's installation Untitled (Mylar) at The Pace Gallery 545 West 22nd street. Toddlers will want to get in the nooks and cranies so keep them close!
The show closes April 9th!

Irish Performing Arts

My daughter and I stopped in at The Donald and Mary Oenslager Gallery which is located in New York Public Library for The Performing Arts at Lincoln Center. We took in their current exhibit "Ireland America : The Ties That Bind.'' What a rich showcase of Irish music, dance, drama and performance memorabilia. There were dance costumes and parade regalia, musical instruments and an accordion decorated with plenty of shamrocks, of course. Classic performances by many great Irish entertainers and musicians were captured on several video screens placed around the gallery space. Great clips from performances such as Gene Kelly dancing in "The Hat My Father Wore Upon St. Patrick's Day." Gorgeous large black and white photographs of musical groups like, The Advocate Players," a New York City performance troupe taken in 1932 (seen above). A mini dance floor under the video screen dedicated to Irish dance troupes invites you get up and do a jig. Precious musical scores and theater posters, well worn Irish step slippers and banners from St. Patrick day Parades of yesteryear. The young lads and lassies will get a taste of the rich history of Performing Arts in Irish culture. The exhibit runs until August 13, 2011.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Esteban Vicente: The Garden Paintings

Spring has arrived in New York City and at the Ameringer/McEnery/Yohe gallery. The lush ambrosial palette of Esteban Vicente's paintings are captured in the exhibit "The Garden Paintings." A collection of vibrant abstract works created by the Spanish artist in the '90's. He was inspired from his garden in Bridgehampton. The bold hues may inspire your children to use and explore color with confidence. See the show through April 16th. For times and address: @ameringer-yohe.com.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Jaq Chartier: Slow Color

The artist Jaq Chartier tests saturated stains, inks, and dyes on pure white surfaces. Her colors interact in slow motion as they react to one another. Each piece is an actual test and she makes notations along the sides of the pieces to document how the materials react to light and the passage of time.
Perfect for: All ages
Her show "Slow Color" is at the Morgan Lehman Gallery at 535 West 22nd street through April 2nd.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Divine art and music

I stopped into The Cathedral of St. John the Divine today for one of it's free classical organ concerts. The series entitled "The Great Organ: It's Sunday" is very worth catching. Truly divine music. Goes through March. As I strolled around the Cathedral waiting for the music to begin, I found an altar piece in one of the Cathedral's smaller chapels - St. Columba. The altar piece looked very modern from a distance. As I approached I realized that the piece I was looking at was a work by Keith Haring. It is in fact a casting of the famous original triptych altar piece found at the AIDS Interface Chapel at Grace Cathedral in San Francisco. I had only heard about this powerful and moving work created by Keith Haring in 1990, before he died. It is truly beautiful and inspiring. I am glad we have one of the few castings of it to exist, on  view at our Cathedral. Your children will connect with the modern and universal images of this spiritual story. The altar piece is entitled "The life of Christ," circa 1990.

Friday, March 11, 2011

Liz Larner / John Chamberlain

For some metal madness this weekend go to Chelsea and check out the Tanya Bonakdar Gallery LA artist Liz Larner explores color and sculpture mostly with metal materials. The pieces invite you to get closer and closer as colors seem to change and disappear in a subtle dance. One structure entitled "6" looks like it would be very at home in an imaginary playground. Show ends March 19th, so get over there soon. Across the street at The Paula Cooper Gallery in Chelsea check out John Chamberlain's show. His sculptures inhabit the gallery like large friendly giants made from colorful crushed metal. Your kids will recognize car parts like fenders all smashed together into these massive dramatic forms. The show is up till April 2nd.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

March ART

Tara Donovan's huge installation at The Pace Gallery in Chelsea, is made up of large silver mylar globes of all sizes attached to each other (top photo). It is a joyful synthetic topiary extravaganza. Edward Scissorhands, comes to mind. Afterwards cross the street and check out Tomory Dodge's BIG COLOR canvas works, at CRG Gallery on West 22nd st. For design minded kids don't miss "Nordic Models +Common Ground: Art and Design Unfolded," at the Scandinavia House on 58th and Park Avenue. The exhibit has been extended till March 16th Nordic art and designs newest trends are examined in this exhibition that includes product design, fashion design, photography, architectural design and much more. Your older children and teens will find plenty to explore. All the exhibits are free. No excuses get over there.