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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

David Altmejd: Plexiglass and Plaster

At the Andrea Rosen Gallery, the artist David Altmejd presents us with swans made from plaster casts of arms and legs. They flock together in an enormous Plexiglas vessel. The human forms suggest life but the synthetic materials contradict. The work is entitled The Vessel, 2011. Across from it you see second large scale plexiglas container entitled, The Swarm. A fantastical vivarium, that teems with constructed bees and ants. Layers upon layers of hand-painted thread extending across the walls suggest roots or a nervous system. In another room a wall is scraped and sculpted with plaster to form a frenzy of hands grasping at each other. The wall seems to want to come alive. Take your teens. As I left the gallery a high school class was making it's way in. The exhibit runs till April 23rd at the Andrea Rosen Gallery.
Perfect for: Teens and sophisticated pretweens