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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Holli Schorno: "Adding On"

Power Plant  
Holli Schorno presents her new collage series entitled "Adding On" at the Pavel Zoubok Gallery. Using tiny cut pieces of paper Ms. Schorno constructs a world of industrial pursuits. Uniformed workers fix strange machines that may or may not produce some kind of energy. All the parts look as if they were found in a surreal junkyard. A very large piece entitled "Power Plant" erupts with vapors and vaguely familiar objects. The landscape looks bleak and every thing is being pieced together by the workers. Are they finding the solution or adding on to the problem? Ask your kids. The show is up until April 16th at the Zoubok Gallery 533 West 23rd street. @pavelzoubok.com
Perfect for:  All ages