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Friday, March 25, 2011

Irish Performing Arts

My daughter and I stopped in at The Donald and Mary Oenslager Gallery which is located in New York Public Library for The Performing Arts at Lincoln Center. We took in their current exhibit "Ireland America : The Ties That Bind.'' What a rich showcase of Irish music, dance, drama and performance memorabilia. There were dance costumes and parade regalia, musical instruments and an accordion decorated with plenty of shamrocks, of course. Classic performances by many great Irish entertainers and musicians were captured on several video screens placed around the gallery space. Great clips from performances such as Gene Kelly dancing in "The Hat My Father Wore Upon St. Patrick's Day." Gorgeous large black and white photographs of musical groups like, The Advocate Players," a New York City performance troupe taken in 1932 (seen above). A mini dance floor under the video screen dedicated to Irish dance troupes invites you get up and do a jig. Precious musical scores and theater posters, well worn Irish step slippers and banners from St. Patrick day Parades of yesteryear. The young lads and lassies will get a taste of the rich history of Performing Arts in Irish culture. The exhibit runs until August 13, 2011.