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Friday, April 15, 2011

Cristina Iglesias: Imaginary Topographies

Pozo I, V,III, II,IV, 2011 (from left to right)
Cristina Iglesias
photo credit: Taka studio
At first glance,  the  grouping of granite block structures that occupy the main space  of the Marian Goodman Gallery, seem silent and foreboding. Their exteriors reveal no secrets. Only their names, Pozos (Spanish for water wells) give you a clue.  As you approach them and hear the gentle sounds of moving water, you begin to feel at ease and want to know more.  Finally the  interior of the blocks are displayed and they draw you into a verdant,  topography of bronze and resin that ebbs and flows with water.  Looking like a pathway in an imaginary forest the trail goes further into the  black center.  Will you stay or will you go?   The Spanish artist, Cristina Iglesias plays with elements of visibility and invisibility, distance and detail. A submerged aquarium awaits you in another wing of the gallery.  A model of a  garden labyrinth in another.   Your detailed -oriented offspring will delight in their discoveries.  The smaller children will need an adult to hoist them up for an eyeful.  The exhibition is up through April 27th.
-Edna Suarez
Pozo IV, 2011
Cristina Iglesias
photo credit:  Taka studio

Perfect for:  All ages
Marian Goodman Gallery 24 West 57th Street.
Photographs Courtesy of the artist and Marian Goodman Gallery, NY