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Sunday, April 3, 2011

Isca Greenfield-Sanders: The Ocean Between

 A Walk with Daddy (Pink), 2004 © Isca Greenfield-Sanders

If you find yourself longing for warm summer days and ocean breezes, make your way over to mid-town and visit the gallery, Haunch of Venison at 1230 Avenue of the Americas.  The artist Isca Greenfield-Sanders'  paintings will instantly transport you to the shore.  Using vintage photo slides and printing them on Japanese paper she creates a canvas ready for her gorgeous palette of oils. The large-format paintings will envelope your family in sand, ocean, and light.  Their low placement on the walls are immediately accessible to your children's eye-level.  You may be able pass this visit off as, A Day at the Beach.
Perfect for:  Everyone
Isca Greenfield-Sanders at the Haunch of Venison Gallery 1230 Avenue of the Americas (between 47th and 48th streets  20th floor)   @haunchofvenison.com