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Saturday, April 16, 2011

Nao Tanabe: Too Cute?

Scent of lily
 The young females depicted in Nao Tanabe's series of portraits are painfully cute.  Their sweet little girl outfits clash with their stoic expressions.  They inhabit a surreal world of easter egg colors and butterflies.   Some are accompanied by plush toys or bunnies.  Their composure is ultra cool and their emotions are in check.
Unstable choral
 Ms. Tanabe explores the  cultural phenomenon of "Neoteny" in Japan, and beyond.   In Japan the delaying of maturity and  conventional adulthood  with fashion and lifestyle choices, has  grown in popularity since the late 80's.   The artist wonders if this pursuit is still just a trend or the norm, beneficial or detrimental.
Teens interested in pop surrealism, anime, manga,  amigurumi, animation and an illustration style called "kawaii" (roughly translated to "cute") will enjoy this show.
-Edna Suarez
Tiny princess
The exhibit has been extended for another week so you have until April 23rd to view it at: The Bill Hodges Gallery at 24 West 57th Street.

Perfect for:  Tweens and Teens, but just fine for all.
Images  Nao Tanabe,  Courtesy of Bill Hodges Gallery