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Friday, April 22, 2011

Stan Douglas: Midcentury Studio

"Suspect, 1950" Stan Douglas, 2010  courtesy David Zwirner Gallery
Your Nancy Drew's and Hardy boys will enjoy unraveling the mysterious scenes depicted  in Stan Douglas's  photographs on view at the David Zwirner gallery, through April 23rd.  Hyperreality in black and white,  the images are perfectly lit, staged and crafted like stills from old Hollywood films or  news photographs.  You'll see a covered up crime scene,  a sideshow knife thrower, a suspect in the backseat of a cop car, the curious and the exotic.  Each image evokes a time when the public was not yet jaded by drama. With a giant nod to  Weegee and lesser known Canadian, Raymond Munro, Mr. Douglas takes on the persona of  a tabloid press photographer bringing gritty reality to us, "hot off the press." Perfect for: 8 and up.

David Zwirner Gallery 525 West 19th street.