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Friday, April 22, 2011

Thornton Dial: Sweet Refuse

"We all live under the same old flag"  2010
Thornton Dial  courtesy,  Edlin Gallery
Thornton Dial hails from Bessemer, Alabama.  Born in 1928, he has worked as a brick layer, carpenter, and a welder for a railway-carriage factory.  He is a renown self-taught artist who works  in the Southern African-American tradition of homemade yard art constructed by using, found objects, fabrics, metals, and wood.   A selection of his mixed-media paintings and sculptures is on view now at the Andrew Edlin gallery at 18th street and 10th Avenue through September 18th.
Each spirited piece has an urgent message.  Their themes touch upon, war, racism, bigotry and  homelessness.  The gallery is small but becomes large when standing in front of each of Mr. Dial's three-dimentional pieces.  They are expansive in breadth and powerful in message.
-Edna Suarez
Perfect for:  Ages 12 and up
The Andrew Edlin Gallery 134 10th Avenue