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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Venske & Spanle: Wanderlust

Folks are smiling as they glance towards the windows of the Margaret Thatcher Projects gallery. Folks are smiling as they walk in.  The tiny gallery has been invaded by whimsical marble sculptures that invite you to get close.  No touching allowed so keep those little fingers in check.  The Munich collaborators  Venske & Spanle, whose studio is located in Brooklyn have carved these biomorphic beauties from pure white Lasa marble that is found in northern Italy.  They are so highly polished that they appear moist and fluid.  Each with it's own distinctive personality I can't help thinking that I'm visiting with some happy citizens of Suessville.  Reminder the space is small and probably one child per adult is the best strategy.  Show runs through May 7, 2011.
The Margaret Thatcher Projects,  located at 539 West 23rd st.  @thatcherprojects.com