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Saturday, May 28, 2011

Weekend Hit : Sol LeWitt "Structures"

Complex Form 6, 1987
Sol LeWitt 
With the return of sunny days the timing is just right for viewing outdoor art.   The Public Art Fund has installed 27 works by the artist  Sol LeWitt  in  City Hall Park.  The work  spans more than 40 years and the evolution of his "structures," as he preferred to call them.  LeWitt worked in various media including  drawing, photography.  He was part of the Minimalist art movement of the 1960's and was considered the innovator of the Conceptual art movement.   A recurring theme throughout the exhibition is geometric forms and angles based on mathematical grids. Some are identical cubes that are repeated and deconstructed.  He stripped down his ideas into outlines and forms allowing us to use our imaginations and fill in the spaces.  It is fitting that his structures sit in a sunny oasis of green in our city of 90 degree angles, the ultimate homage to our grid plan layout.   -Edna Suarez
City Hall Park is located in Lower Manhattan, and is bordered by Broadway, Chambers Street, Centre Street, and Park Row.

One x Two Half off, 1991
Sol Lewitt
Splotch 15, 2005
Sol LeWitt 

Pyramid Muster, 1987
Sol LeWitt