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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Anina Gerchick: Thresholds and Guardians

Double Mirror, 2011
Anina Gerchick
What happens when melting glaciers, the Hindu god Ganesh, and Sri Lanken Stilt Fishermen all converge in a landscape of water and ice? The environment seems to be turned upside down, but humanity prevails in a series of paintings and prints by the artist Anina Gerchick on exhibit at the Chashama 461 Studio Gallery in Harlem. Follow her stream of consciousness imagery and come away with a tale of polar ice cap warming and contradicting ecosystems. Ms. Gerchick movies easily between the real and surreal in a narrative that has worrisome consequences if not for the Dr. Seuss-like fish leaping above the watery depths. Children will like picking out the differences between two almost mirror images, identifying their favorite Suess characters, and just the sheer intrigue of the color and beauty of the fantasy scenes. Perfect for all ages. The show runs till June 19th. Chashama 461 Studio Gallery at 461 West 126th street. www.chashama.org

Lovecraft, 2011
Anina Gerchick