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Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Caleb Charland: Fathom and Fray

Reflection in a snow storm,2011
Caleb Charland
Caleb Charland  sees the extraordinary in the common place.  His photography is on exhibit at the Michael Mazzeo Gallery in Chelsea.  You'll see , sparks fly from cigarette lighters and create a sphere of fire, face mirrors multiply and float like celestial bodies. Or how a beam of light  splinters from his hand and splits the night sky.  All of his images are created in camera without digital manipulation.  He combines art and science with endless curiosity and captures the energy on photographic paper.  Wonder what would happen if you put bacteria on film, let it multiply, and photographed it?  Probably not, but Mr. Charland has.  You'll  marvel in the beauty of the fray.  The show is extended to June 24th.  Don't miss it.
 -Edna Suarez
Perfect for 7 and up.
Michael Mazzeo Gallery  508 West 26th street   @michaelmazzeo.com
Images Courtesy of Michael Mazzeo Gallery and Caleb Charland
Study for Sun
with face mirror, 2009
Caleb Charland