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Saturday, June 25, 2011

Weekend Hit List: Going East

Facebook etching on handmade paper
Beth Giles

If you are planning a trip out east to the Hamptons, here are two galleries that you may want to drop in with your kids.

In Sag Harbor at the Delaney Cooke Gallery at Haven's House Art Space, Beth Giles' exhibit: Paper, Paper is up through June 30th. Handmade paper works that are mostly in spiral shapes. Some of the large spirals are 36 inch, round, 3-D books. Some books are mounted on the walls and some are on standing bases. To view the pieces you must turn the thick but delicate pages. Ms. Giles makes the paper from cotton, abaca linen, and flax fibers. In addition to the different pigmentations of the paper there are images of the artist's face interspersed throughout the pages  A very interactive exhibit. Perfect for all. The owners of little fingers should be instructed to be very gentle. Delaney Cooke Gallery, 17 Madison Street, Sag Harbor, 917-445-8427.
Cell by Christine Keefe
Mitochondria image courtesy of Alan Viel, Harvard biology Labs

Another art space worth checking out in Sag Harbor is  the Richard J. Demato Gallery. Several artists are featured on the first floor of the gallery. The most noteworthy are Haley Hasler and Andrea Kowch, who offer up images of women in fantastical narratives that reveal their inner and outer worlds. On the top floor of the gallery you'll find a series of paintings by Christine Keefe that will make your kids pause. You'll find hyper-realistic images of everyday objects set in unexpected backdrops, often looking like collages. Richard J. Demato Gallery 90 Main Street, Sag Harbor,  631-725-1161.

At left: "The Travelers" by Andrea Kowch.
At right: "Portrait as Allegory of Fidelity" by Haley Hasler.