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Sunday, July 3, 2011

goARCHkids: Bridge & Tunnel Classicism

While in Jersey City the other day, strolling the waterfront area with the kids, we came across an interesting juxtaposition. We saw a handsome Doric colonnade, but instead of a standard Doric treatment for the entablature (the stuff the columns are holding up), this Doric colonnade was topped with a bunch of i-beams!

I-beams are usually associated with the construction of high-rises or really anything built these days. You see them all over the place.

So it was pretty exciting when I pointed to this colonnade and said to the kids, look at what's on top of those Doric columns and my 9 year old son shouted, I-BEAMS! Its a pretty crazy mix when you think about it but I think it kind of works.