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Monday, July 18, 2011

Leo Villareal: Volume

Cylinder, 2011,  Leo Villareal
White LEDs, mirror finished stainless steel, custom software, electrical hardware
12 x 9 x 9 feet
Unique, site specific
When walking into the Gering & Lopez Gallery this month you may feel as if you've stepped out of a rocket ship and come face to face with a shooting star. The light sculptor, Leo Villareal, offers us a three-dimensional matrix of polished stainless steel tubes with over 20,000 of LED light nodes in them. Mr. Villareal is a pioneer in the use of LED's  in visual imagery. In this exhibit the software code he has written causes the light nodes to light up in an infinite series of patterns and movements, going bright and dark, fast and slow, like a symphony of light. The cylindrical piece is hung in the center of the gallery so you are able to walk around this light show that is truly spellbinding. Your younger kids will have to be super monitored so that the work is not disturbed. The show runs until August 19th. Take a break from the shopping on fifth ave and run to see this.
Perfect for all. Gering & Lopez Gallery, 730 Fifth Avenue. http://www.geringlopez.com/