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Saturday, July 30, 2011

NADA Hudson: Art in The Catskills

With August approaching and many of us thinking of our last chance to escape the city. Think Catskills, as it is teeming with a multitude of art galleries, art fairs and performing art festivals to visit.  Today, starts the NADA Hudson group exposition at the Basilica Hudson building and grounds in Hudson, New York.  
"The Upstate New York Olympics"
Tim Davis
The New Art Dealers Alliance as pulled together an exciting group of artists for a two day art happening.  We arrived a day early and watched the artists setting up their installations.  My daughter gravitated to photographer Tim Davis's  multimedia installation "The Upstate New York Olympics."  She being a sporty chic with a keen fascination for trophies, totally got Mr. Davis's video of surreal  sporting events such as "Abandoned Building Bowling," (above video) and "Architectural Detail Dangle," to name just a few.  The  trophies on display, confirmed for my girl, that the games were a worthy endeavor.  My daughter gave it a 10 out of 10. I had to agree. The exposition ends Sunday, July 31st hours are from  11am to 7pm.  Perfect for most.
Lee Musselman, 2011
The town of Hudson, is closer than you think. You can get there by train and it's about a 2 hour trip. Not too much to ask for spectacular Hudson River views and an arty town that goes on and on with charm and antiques.   A  jewelry design/art gallery called Ornamentum combines fine art photography and jewelry display, in a very convincing way.  Talk about wearable art. That being said, my daughter was done after art gallery number 3, so we decided to  just stuck to look  in the windows.  Our favorite window display/art belonged to the David Dew Bruner Design studio/ art gallery where a curious young fellow on a painted pony caught our eye.  He is the creation of artist Lee Musselman whose new works will be up shortly check www.daviddewbrunerdesign.com for details. 
Also please look into the Mount Tremper Arts Summer Festival 2011.  MTA, is putting on visual arts programs and exhibitions all over the Catskills every Friday and Saturday night  till August 21.  Check their site www.mountreperarts.org for all the details. 
Honorable mention:  510 Warren Street Gallery, Hudson, New York. Featuring the artist Doris Simon's abstract paintings (at left). Other favorites include: Eleanor Lord, Kate Knapp and Steve Porcella.  Up until July 31st.