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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Phoebe Washburn: "Nunderwater Nort Lab"

Phoebe Washburn, Nunderwater Nort Lab, 2011
mixed media dimension variable
Courtesy Zach Feuer Gallery and Mary Boone Gallery

When I told my daughter we were going to see a silo built in a gallery space, she put her earplugs back in her ears and rolled her eyes. I added that it would be an interactive experience of sights and sounds. She rolled her eyes again. We went to see it anyway. The artist, Phoebe Washburn, has constructed the silo/bunker
from re-purposed wood and set it in the middle of the main space of the Zach Feuer Gallery in Chelsea. You can smell the wood as you walk around the  exterior of the structure. There are observational "worm holes" which allow you to see what is going on inside. What you see are people preparing a meal. Lunch to be exact. This put a smile on my daughter's face. Why? She liked the randomness of it. The name of the scuplture/ installation is "Nunderwater Nort Lab." That title is part gibberish and part a play on the meaning and sounds of words. I was plagued by the desire to enter the silo, but visitors are not allowed in. Perhaps memories of being left out of activities? Who knows. My daughter didn't mind too much; she liked the idea of being able to peek in and spy on the volunteers. After we left,  she said she was glad we went. Show runs till August 12th. Perfect for all.
Zach Feuer Gallery 548 west 22nd street http://www.zachfeuer.com/