A guide to art in NYC, with families in mind.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Nick Cave: "SoundSuit," "Speak Louder"

"SoundSuit'" 2011
Nick Cave
Mary Boone Gallery, NY
Installation view of Ever-After
"Speak Louder,"
Jack Shainman Gallery, NY
Almost as if in anticipation of the costume parades  and parties that will capture our children's imagination next month the awesome "SoundSuits," of the artist Nick Cave are in display in concurrent exhibitions at the Jack Shainman Gallery and Mary Boone Gallery (just four blocks from each other) in Chelsea.  Mr. Cave has been making this wearable art as a way of exploring many issues that are skin deep. In creating a second skin he asks the viewer to judge the wearer of the costume only by what he has chosen to let us see.   Although we can't hear the sounds that can be  made when wearing the costumes they can be seen and heard in a video that plays continuously in the  Boone gallery (see below).
The exhibition  at the Jack Shainman gallery is entitled "Ever After"  The costumes are sleek, monotoned and look like a cross between aliens and musical instruments.  The mood at Boone gallery is more like that of a Mardi Gras parade as the costumes scream with colorful buttons, thread, wire ,sequins, bugle beads and much more.  The exhibit is entitled "For Now." Both shows are perfect for all ages.
The Mary Boone Gallery  541 West 24th street
The Jack Shainman Gallery  513 West 20th street  www.jackshainman.com

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Mindy Shapero: "Breaking Open the Head"

Mindy Shapero 'Breaking Open the Head," 2011
Mindy Shapero, Installation View 2011

Now that all the kids are back in school and the piles of homework promise to kill the joys of learning in every last one of them.  Have mercy and let them out for air with a brisk walk down to the Marianne Boesky Gallery in Chelsea to see Mindy Shapero's show "Breaking open the Head."
No worries, there is not a spot of blood or brain matter to be found in place but rather wires and tribble-like (see early Star Trek episodes) objects that look like they are the strange things  you hear rattling around in your head when helping with the new math homework. The sculptures are minimalist in style and each piece feels connected to the next.  The clean lines of the wires are lines of an image without the a canvas. The tension of the pieces are in the spin-art looking colors that inhabit  their centers or cling and drip off of them.
Perfect for all ages. 
Marianne Boesky Gallery  509 West 24th street

Stefanie Gutheil,  Installation View 2011
 For your  teens who only respond to something more pop-culture or edgy looking, walk down the street to the Mike Weiss Gallery and check out  the work of German artist  Stefanie Gutheil.   Three-dimensional paintings bursting with color and crazy characters that invade her head will assault yours.  Strange pet-like creature sculptures stare up at you begging to be taken home, but you dare not. The gallery describes the work as Escher-esque and I would just add that  it's more tricked-out than that.  Sounds like too much? Ok,go into the gallery first and see for yourself it's free!  
Perfect for some 14 and up
Mike Weiss Gallery  520 West 24th street 

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tim Okamura: Revel in their Majesties

Tim Okamura "The Coronation", 2011

"One Love,"  2011
A new exhibition of paintings by Canadian born artist Tim Okamura is on view now at The Lyons Wier Gallery.  The young women depicted in the paintings stare back at you with confidence, and their body language says attitude but of a royal nature.   Okamura, a Brooklyn resident since the 90's is obviously influenced by  hip-hop culture and music but also cites  Rembrandt and world mythology. He mixes classical oil  painting techniques along with graffiti spray painting,  primarily on canvas but also on found surfaces.   The theme is  the young urban female as queen although you only get an idea of what her kingdom might be from the walls they stand in front of.  Graffiti flows around in halos and crowns above their heads as they revel in their inner and outer majesty.   I'd take all the kids to this exhibition, but I'd  bet your teens will get in to get a closer look.
The exhibition ends October 8th. Gallery hours are Tues-Sat 11am-6pm
"Three Queens (from Kings County"
Lyons Wier Gallery  542 West 24th Street

Monday, September 5, 2011

Teens Free on Friday nights at MoMA

If September means scrambling for after school activities for your kids here is an edifying activity to fill your teens idle hours.    Free Friday's at MoMa has begun!  Every other Friday night during the school year from 4:00 pm to 8:00 pm  teens can meet with other teens have pizza and a movie or other events planned by the museum staff.   Ages 14 to 19 are welcome.  It's so casual you don't have to sign up.  So cool, so laid back you say?  Yes, but it's first come first served so get them there on time.   The number of participants  for pizza is limited to 120 and for film viewing or artist events  the group shrinks down to  40.   Check the MoMa teens Facebook page to get more info.
The Lewis B. and Dorothy Cullman Education and Research Building at 4 West 54th street between 5th and 6th ave.