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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Tim Okamura: Revel in their Majesties

Tim Okamura "The Coronation", 2011

"One Love,"  2011
A new exhibition of paintings by Canadian born artist Tim Okamura is on view now at The Lyons Wier Gallery.  The young women depicted in the paintings stare back at you with confidence, and their body language says attitude but of a royal nature.   Okamura, a Brooklyn resident since the 90's is obviously influenced by  hip-hop culture and music but also cites  Rembrandt and world mythology. He mixes classical oil  painting techniques along with graffiti spray painting,  primarily on canvas but also on found surfaces.   The theme is  the young urban female as queen although you only get an idea of what her kingdom might be from the walls they stand in front of.  Graffiti flows around in halos and crowns above their heads as they revel in their inner and outer majesty.   I'd take all the kids to this exhibition, but I'd  bet your teens will get in to get a closer look.
The exhibition ends October 8th. Gallery hours are Tues-Sat 11am-6pm
"Three Queens (from Kings County"
Lyons Wier Gallery  542 West 24th Street