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Monday, May 9, 2011

Lisa Hoke: Love, American Style

If only all of our recycling ended up in the studio of New York based artist Lisa Hoke. She would most certainly  create grand and colorful  "assemblages," for you to enjoy. Until that day arrives, a visit to The Elizabeth Harris Gallery would be the best way to see the beautiful and eye-popping pieces she creates from what we would normally discard. Ask your children to point out cereal box covers, matchbooks, cups, wrappers and containers of all kinds. The intoxicating colors remind us why we grabbed them with gusto from the grocery shelves. The endless amounts of it, is a testament to how much we consume and then  toss away,  "American style." No doubt the discussion will lead to questions like how did she accumulate all of this?  You can confidently say: " a support network of faithful recyclers and her building's superintendent." Ms. Hoke's work is also currently on exhibit at MASS MoCa  at Kidspace. The exhibition entitled  "Basic Utensils," is up until September 5, 2011.
-Edna Suarez
Perfect for: All ages

The Elizabeth Harris Gallery  located at 529 West 20th  between 10th and 11th Avenues. www.eharrisgallery.com/

Lisa Hoke: Love, American Style,  is up from April 28th through  June 11th, 2011. Images Courtesy Lisa Hoke and Elizabeth Harris Gallery