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Thursday, May 19, 2011

John Chamberlain: New Sculpture

Installation View

Photography by Robert McKeever
When I think of scrap metal I think of cold unappealing material.  Nothing can be further from the truth when standing beside any sculpture created by the artist John Chamberlain.  You and your family can judge for yourselves when visiting The Gagosian Gallery in Chelsea.   From every vantage point each sculpture is rich with layers, creases, twists and endless lines , much like an abstract expressionist painting.  He credits Willem de Kooning, Franz Kline and sculptor David Roland Smith of the abstract expressionist generation as being influential.   Mr. Chamberlain has been working with metal assemblages since the 1950's, using discarded automobile-body parts  and other industrial detritus.  Many of the new sculptures are whimsical looking  with bright colors and  flourishes of paint on shredded ribbons of metal. There is a strange and powerful energy in the gallery as you walk around these gentle giants.  A metal version of Stonehenge comes to mind.  The exhibit runs until July 8th, 2011.
-Edna Suarez
Perfect for all ages
The Gagosian Gallery 555 West 24th street   www.gagosian.com