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Friday, July 1, 2011

Weekend Hit List: More than Fireworks

Picturing Science: Museum Scientists & Imaging Technologies has a curated exhibit at the American Museum of Natural History that invites us to look at what happens when art and science merge. Museum scientists study every thing from parasites to planets with imaging technologies that include infrared photography, scanning electron microscopes and CT scanners.  This exhibit features more than 20 sets of large-format images that depict the extensive range of research being done at the Museum. The images are breathtakingly beautiful. The beauty of Science indeed! The exhibit runs till June 24, 2012  This exhibit is free with the suggested Museum admission. You choose what you actually pay for admission. Perfect for all ages. American Museum of Natural History, Central Park West at 79th street, open every day from 10 AM- 5:45 PM except Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.


Taiwo Duvall

The 40th Annual International African Arts Festival held at Commodore Barry Park, Navy Street between Park and Flushing Avenue in Brooklyn is a four-day arts and crafts festival ending Monday July 4th at 9:00 pm. Along with poetry slams, fashion shows, food, dance, drumming and an African Market, the festival will feature the work of artist Taiwo Duvall. Mr. Duvall is not only a visual artist, but also a musician and folklorist, as is evident in his work.

Tyson Reeder: Fantastical Emotion

Tyson Reeder
Untitled, 2011

The many moods of artist Tyson Reeder are on display in an exhibition of his paintings at the Daniel Reich Gallery in Chelsea.   In this series of portraits and landscapes,emotions take center stage.  His choice of colors and brushstrokes can burst with high energy or be haunting and  subdued as each painting takes you on a ride of imagination and fantasy.  Children  naturally paint images of themselves and others  that are revealing of emotion and desires.  Mr. Reeder never lost that freedom and fluidity of expression.  The images are highly personal  and yet he leaves room for you to fill in your own narrative and mood by giving the background only colors, brush strokes and scratches and marks.   The exhibit run thru July 15th. 
Perfect for all ages
Daniel Reich Gallery 537  A West 23rd st.
Tyson Reeder
Untitled, 2011
Tyson Reeder
Kiss, 2011