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Monday, July 4, 2011

Cappy Amundsen: Whale of a Tale

If you're enjoying ocean breezes and some salty sea air this weekend, thoughts of sailing the high seas may cross your mind. During our recent vacation, the last stop before leaving the ocean vistas was the Whaling Museum in Sag Harbor. This is a "must-see" stop whenever you and your family go out east, as it always delivers with its beautifully preserved whaling artifacts and info about it's history. The gallery on the main floor of the museum is commemorating the100th anniversary of the life and paintings of Cappy Amundsen, a Norwegian artist who was a fixture in the Sag Harbor community. Among his many distinctions, Cappy founded two arts schools, the first waterfront festival and the Outboard Racing Regatta. His paintings are realistic scenes of men whaling. Scene after scene depict accurate representations of the high drama of the old world industry of "whaling." Cappy attended the Grand Central School of Art where he studied illustration and painting. In 1932, he became a founder of the Washington Square Outdoor Art Show with Jackson Pollock, Willem de Kooning and others. Be sure to stop in enjoy the whole museum. My daughter especially enjoyed the video on the history of whaling. Perfect for all ages. Sag Harbor Whaling Museum, 200 Main street.