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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Rockaway Artist Alliance: Art and Sea breezes

Penelope Atheras works on sculpture
at RAA

Here's a way to cool down and get some art appreciation in while visiting  the shore.  Did you know there is a thriving artist community at the Rockaway's?  RAA or Rockaway Artist Alliance at  Fort Tilden, Beach  to be exact.  You can get there using public transportation.  Our friends from Brooklyn and Manhattan, do it all the time.  What you'll find when you get there is a gallery space hosting local artist's and invited guest artists,  a stage for  live music  "Open Mic Live" on Thursdays,  a studio where you or your children ( middle school age and up) can takep painting classes - for a very nominal fee,)  an art camp for children and a program for teens called Gen M Project.  This project invites teen to come over every  Friday night and do their creative thing.  If you know a teen looking for a creative environment to perform  music, poetry and art or just a place to hang with like minded creative types,  send them  to RAA at 8pm on Fridays (bring a Parent for your first visit and then solo after that.)  
 My favorite experience at RAA  is watching the sculptor Penelope Atheras scraping and smoothing her current inspiration on the porch of RAA. She has set up her atelier  right on the spot to the left of the gallery entrance and can be seen there most days of the week.  She has a welcoming smile for all who want to come in and check out the work in the gallery and she chats with you while her beautiful hands carve life into the equally as beautiful piece of marble  from Italy or  beyond.   Your children can watch her in action  and listen to her lovingly describe the way of sculpting. So stay cool go to the shore and look beyond the shore line for RAA  -Rockaway Artists Alliance.  A group that serves it's community, but all are welcome.
Visit  www.rockawayartistsalliance.org for all the information  -E.S.
Gateway National Recreation Area, Fort Tilden, Beach 169th Street Rockaway NY 11695Rockaway Artist Alliance