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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Richard Serra: Junction/Cycle

If you haven't been to see  the new Richard Serra sculptures at the 24th street  Gagosian Gallery, now is the time.  The exhibition ends November 26th and the weekends go by so quickly.
 As you enter the  gallery you will see two enormous sculptures of  rust/orange colored steel that curve and sweep across the gallery. Each piece is more than 13 feet tall and more than 60 feet across and take up a lot of the warehouse-like space.  The path inside the sculptures twist and turn so pleasantly that it feels as if you are inside a flowing ocean wave.  The steel is weatherproof and I wonder if that's what makes it's surface look so porous like that of wood.  There is a warmth to the look of the steel.   Mr. Serra is has said  that he considers " space, to be a material", and it certainly feels as if  the space of the interior and the exterior of the pieces are of equal importance.  When entering  the  sculpture entitled "Cycle,"  I felt pulled in by a benevolent force to find the inner sanctums.  Then at other points of the walk I felt anxious about finding my way out.  My daughter  laughed and slid across the smooth cement path as if she were moving along a garden maze.   I noticed other visitors with we  passed along the way seemed to be wearing childlike smiles.
The second sculpture entitled "Junction"  begins  like the first  but soon brings you to a point where you must decide which road to take.  Each path is as satisfying as the other and the journey seems to end too soon.  We solved that problem by going walking into the sculptures over and over again.  The exhibition ends November 26th.
Perfect for all.
Gagosian Gallery 555 West 24th street
Image credit:
“© Richard Serra. Courtesy Gagosian Gallery. Photography by Lorenz Kinzle”.