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Friday, December 16, 2011

Divine Intervention

God and Goddesses/ Laura James

Just in time for the celebrations,  some divinely inspired imagery that goes beyond the banal. Visit the Interchurch Center and view two exhibits in its gallery spaces. The work of Laura James a Brooklyn native of Antiguan heritage, is in the Corridor gallery.  The paintings and are done in Ethiopian Christian style but only some of the paintings depict Ethiopian saints.  Sacred goddesses spring forth from the sea and earth with a vibrant palette of gold, reds and greens.  Ms. James mixes scared stories and images from many cultures and religions including, Buddhism,  Islam, Yoruba deities of West Africa and Egypt.  What comes across strongly is a celebration of humanity and it's it's divine spirit. 

Color, Substance and Emotion/ Alexander Percy
The second exhibit in the Treasure Room Gallery is that of the work of 
Alexander Percy, a Puerto Rican artist living in NYC since 2005.  His modern abstract paintings are inspired by his melancholies but color is his sword and religion.   The large canvases are layered so thickly with pigment that they appear to be cresting waves that you ride only to find an undertow at another turn pulling you in and casting you out in an ocean of emotions.   
The exhibits are up until January 6th  and perfect for all.

The Interchurch Center  475 Riverside Drive 

top:  Mami Wata, 2011  Laura James
right top:  Bri Oshun, 2011  Laura James