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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Joyce Pensato/ Batman Returns

Batman I
2011 Joyce Pensato

 New York artist Joyce Pensato has transformed the Fredrich Petzel gallery into a cartoon/plush toy after party.  Homer Simpson , Mickey Mouse, Daffy Duck, Sponge Bob and many more  A- lister cartoon characters have crashed the scene and are piled up against each other in the what looks to be the wake of a wild opening night bash.  Images of Batman and other friends  bear witness to the debacle from the walls.  What it all means, you decide, but I know but your kids will have a blast pointing out their favorite celebrities.  Smaller children will have to be held for the longing to come to the aid of their fuzzy friends.   The exhibit runs till February 25th.  Perfect for 7 and up.  Teens will get into the calculated chaos. 
Fredrich Petzel Gallery 535 West 22nd street

Image on  top right:  Installation
Batman Returns  Joyce Pensato
Friedrich Petzel Gallery