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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Paul Graham: The Present

34th Street, 4th June 2010, 3.12.58 pm

© Paul Graham, 2012 
o courtesy Pace/MacGill Gallery and The Pace Gallery, New York
gallery view
The Pace Gallery
 The ordinary activity of walking to and from our destinations is hardly anything to get excited about much less photograph, right?  Wrong.   In the current exhibit at the Pace Gallery, photographer Paul Graham captures the deluge of drama and details that  surround us as we walk past each other  on the streets of New York City.  The diptych above shows a woman in the left image wearing a smiley face t-shirt and crying into her hand,  while in the adjacent image she is gone, and another interesting person has taken her place.  As in the streets of the city, the visual connection we make with the subjects are as fascinating as they are fleeting. Much of the work has been hung just inches from the floor, or at "street" level.  This is a great plus for your smaller children, who can now really survey the scene.  Perfect for all.  Exhibit runs until April 21st.
The Pace Gallery  545 West 22nd