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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Cindy Sherman: Imagined Self

Untitled, 2010/2012
Cindy Sherman/Metro Pictures NY
 If you'd like to introduce your children to work of artist Cindy Sherman and want to pass on the exhibit at the MoMA, take them to Metro Pictures Gallery in Chelsea.  You will find gorgeous images that are breathtaking in size.  Ms. Sherman takes photographs of herself in scenarios that she creates with props, make-up and costumes in her studio.  More recently she has used photoshop to create imaginary landscapes and digital techniques to manipulate  her facial features.  Her exploration of self through character creation is something that children instinctively do as they form their inner and outer lives. Ask your children what they see in her character's expressions, body language, dress and location and what it tells them about the character.  As they view the photographs the they may imagine themselves as different characters and create their own fables. Perfect for all.  Exhibit ends June 9th.
Metro Pictures Gallery  519 West 24th
Credit:  Image courtesy of the Artist and Metro Pictures