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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Anish Kapoor : Mass and Madness

It's hard not to feel overwhelmed when you first encounter the new sculpture by artist Anish Kapoor on view at the Gladstone gallery on 21street. This massive metal egg shaped structure looks like it may have just landed from outer space.  It's large opening allows you to look into it's cavernous emptiness.  The adventurous may want to go in but the gallery thinks you better not.  Its warm rust color and mysterious darkness takes up most of the gallery space and your mind.   This exhibit is part of two part project.  The second exhibition is at the Gladstone galleries 24th location.  There you will find sculptures that have no form in the traditional sense but have taken on shapes on their own as all the layers of poured concrete kept on coming.  Think a soft serve ice cream machine on the blitz.  All the nooks and crannies are endless.
Perfect for all.  The  exhibits are up until June 9th at both locations
Gladstone Gallery
530 West 21st
515 West 24th