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Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Sheila Hicks: Fiber Artist

Fiber arts always sounds to me like arts and craft projects offered at summer camp but the work of fiber artist Sheila Hicks is anything but. The Sikkema Jenkins Gallery  is currently showing an exhibit of some of her sculptures and smaller pieces.  She weaves a world of wonder and forms made from cords of,cotton, linen, leather, steel, rubber and more.  Some pieces tumble down from the ceiling like water and others are small, with  intricately woven objects into the fibers, like feathers, porcupine quills and stones. Ms. Hicks has been at it for over 50 years and she is a master.  The exhibit is up until June 2nd. Perfect for all.
Sikkema Jenkins Gallery 530 West 22nd street
image top center: 
"Oracle from Constantinople" , 2008-10 Linen  96x68x10
image right:
"Menhir," 1998-2004 (foreground)
"Shadow of Oracle from Constantinople," 1997