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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Dogma: for the Dog days of Summer

Nina Beier 2012
Dogma a group exhibition at Metro Pictures Gallery in Chelsea examines our age old relationship with dogs.  The roster of artists include Martin Kippenberger,  Mungo Thomson, William Wegman, Christopher Wool and Nina Beier to name a few.    Nina Beier's piece is a performance in which a live dog plays dead on a Persian rug. The performance  entitled Tragedy occurs at intervals throughout the exhibition. Calling in advance can give you an idea of when it will happen on a given day.  There are plenty of other works that will mesmerize you. For example, the video by Wegman gets close enough to his subject (a dog of course) to see the space between the hairs on it's head.  Perfect for most, although the younger children will need major supervising.  
Metro Pictures Gallery 519 West 24th street