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Sunday, October 28, 2012

Brian Tolle: Commander in Chief

By now, we're all counting down the days to  November 7th, and happy to see it end.  It's been a grueling campaign but you can take the kids to an exhibit that speaks to the moment.  "Commander in Chief" an exhibit at CRG gallery in Chelsea, features sculptures and other mixed media by artist, Brain Tolle.   Most of the works are representations of U.S. presidents in sculptural from.  A bust of President Obama is crowned with a collector's set of miniature  presidents that the artist purchased on ebay.  The head of President, Abraham Lincoln, has red white and blue ribbons inscribed with the words from his two inaugural orations, shooting out of his eyes.  A reminder of the power of his words and the violence of his death.  The exhibit is up until November 10th and is perfect for 7 and up.  Small children alert: lots of temptation to touch.
CRG gallery 548 West 22nd street