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Monday, December 24, 2012

Henry Moore: Late Large Forms

  The English artist Henry Moore understood the power of BIG.  His sculptures on view  at the Gagosian gallery in Chelsea are massive.  Their organic shapes make them approachable  and intuitively familiar.  I was surprised  to find some of the pieces were warm to the touch as they are made of bronze.  They seem to have an internal energy that magnetically pulls the viewer close.   The most interactive of the pieces is located in the center of the gallery  and is entitled " Large Two Forms.".  One can stand in the middle of the sculpture and commune with your child or friend.  You are momentarily suspended within the core of  this strange and wonderful form.   There is touching allowed ( Moore wanted it that way).   A cabinet  in the rear of the gallery space displays the studies for his pieces in a smaller size, organic forms like shells and bone that inspired him, and tools that he used to  carve the miniatures.  His powerful inspiration was the world around us and he succeeds in passing that feeling along to you.
Perfect for all but watch the little ones as there is no climbing on the work, ( you too will be tempted).   The exhibit runs through January 19th.
Gagosian Gallery  522 West 21 street
Image above:  "Large Two Forms,1966. Reproduced by permission of The Henry Moore Foundation. Photo by Mike Bruce. Courtesy of Gagosian Gallery".