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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Paula Scher: Maps

India 2007  Paula Scher

When I was a child I played an imaginary globe trotting game by closing my eyes and letting my finger land on a spot on our spinning globe. The exotic names of faraway places sparked my imagination.  The endless places I could visit left me excited and overwhelmed.  At the Bryce Wolkowitz gallery, artist Paula Scher plays with the idea of the visual and informational overload in our society and world.  Ms. Scher's attempts to harness information by choosing cartography as the visual subject.  Her intricate paintings/maps attempt to  name every street, road, highway, town, city, state, county, hotel, library, historical landmark, that she can fit on to the canvas, in hopes of getting it all accounted for.  The job is enormous and it looks like she's hasn't missed a thing. When stepping back to look at the large canvases the lines of the streets, roads and highways, countries, continents and   meridians, form a beautiful matrix of vibrating colors that pulsate like a giant circulatory system in a living breathing world. The exhibit is up until February 18th. Perfect for all.
Bryce Wolkowitz gallery 505 West 24th street