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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Tom Friedman: New Work

The  Luhring Augustine Gallery in Chelsea features "New Work" by artist  Tom Friedman.  In this exhibit your perception is  so skillfully skewed  that you can't wait to get to the next piece to see what topsy turvy surprise you'll find.  
As I walked into the gallery  I was  greeted by a life-size sculpture of a pair of sneakers that were partially filled with legs that  abruptly ended a few inches up from the shoe.  It was as  if the artist was asking me to finish the piece mentally.  Another installation was of a tiny figurine of a man standing on a small patch of grass flying a kite.  My sense of scale was doing flip flops  as I looked down to see the tiny man then up again to view the kite.  After doing that a few times I looked around for something to steady  my eye on and I fixed on what looked a like blue space station  with an endless amount of space refuse attached to it.  The piece was hanging way up from  the ceiling and the placement was strategic, of course. It made me feel really small and really desperate to get close enough to really see the little parts and gizmos.   Eventually I moved on to a sculpture of a man made from stainless steel peeing on the floor. The figures stance was eerily real because the steel was so crumpled and relaxed looking .There are many more works in exhibit that will bend your mind.  Perfect for your older children and teens.  The work is up until March 17th.
Untitled (nobody), 2012
Styrofoam and paint
Luhring Augustine Gallery  
531 West 24th street

Top images:  Untitled (kite), 2012
Wood, paint and monofilament
Diameter of base: 41 1/2 inches
Figure: 1 1/8 x 3/8 inches
String: Dimension varies