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Thursday, March 8, 2012

Will Ryman: Roses & Figures

Another artist interested in dramatic shifts in scale  is  Will Ryman. You may have seen his very tall roses  sitting pretty all along the Park Avenue mall between 57th and 67th streets last year.  Aptly called  "The Roses,"  it brightened up the avenue with it's color and imaginative scale.  His new exhibit at the Lio Malca gallery is called "Roses & Figures".  As soon as I went into the gallery I felt like I had lost my way in a bed of overgrown roses.  Every thing including me was very close to the ground. Sculptures of cigarette butts, discarded soda cans, golf balls,  were larger than life and littered amongst the even larger flowers. How Mr. Ryman made the fiberglass resin look so lush was on my mind  when I came upon a gathering of some very hip looking dudes/sculptures. Cool,  we're all  hanging out in the VIP area of this garden party and passing on the funny lemonade.  Perfect for all. Smaller children will have to be negotiated around the greenery. 
Lio Malca Gallery 526 West 26th street suite 207
Images:  top left:  "Roses&Figures" Installation view. Will Ryman   top right:  "Fresh, 2010"  Will Ryman
"The Roses, Park Avenue"
Will Ryman