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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Opus 40 Sculpture Museum and Park

Our yearly visit to Woodstock is great for me as there is no shortage of art to see in the Hudson Valley.  This year our trip coincided with the 10th Annual  Saugerties Artists Studio Tours.  It was hard to get the family out of the fresh water creeks but we finally made a stop at the  sculpture park and museum, Opus 40.  The art gallery at this site features representative pieces of all of the artists that are participating in the studio tours but the real star of the show is the sculpture garden itself.  Described as an "earthwork sculpture"  by Brendan Gill of Architectural Digest, Opus 40 is a marvel to experience.

When you arrive at the site a person will ask you if you want to pay to tour the site on your own or just go to the Quarryman's Museum and art gallery.  The correct answer is pay.  Stop at the  art gallery and watch the video that tells you the story of Harvey Fite the man who single handedly built Opus 40.  Fite, a sculptor of wood and stone who founded the Fine Arts Division at Bard College brought the abandoned stone quarry to set up a studio and create an outdoor garden for his sculptures.  Using Mayan building techniques  to build the garden he soon became aware that the space itself was a new kind of sculpture.
 Quarryman's Museum
Your family will wander along the paths of blue stone and feel the coolness of the earth as the temperature drops a bit when following the various alleyways the sculpture garden has tucked in its structure. The Quarryman's Museum is filled to the brim with tools of the quarryman's trade.  My daughter thought it was boy heaven, but I think the girls will dig it too.  A  truly unique and interactive experience.  Perfect for all.
Opus 40 50 Fite Road, Saugerties NY 12477