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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Leonardo Drew: Abstract Sculpture

Now that school has begun you may find that one of the biggest hurdles is getting your child to organize and plan his or her homework and schedule.  If the weekend finds you with a desire to  let go and toss all that structure to the wind, take a trip to the  Sikkema Jenkins art gallery in Chelsea, and get some inspiration. Check out the abstract sculptures currently on view,  by artist Leonardo Drew.  The largest sculpture installation,  entitled "Number 161,"  snakes through the various rooms of the gallery.  Wood chips, planks and boards, composed of brunt wood and paint are everywhere!  Our group thought it looked liked the wreck of a blown up ark or sea ship that had washed up on the shores of the art gallery.  "Everything is blown to a million pieces," said a young viewer.  The artist took nearly an entire month to put together the sculpture and every chip is in its place but the feeling is of total chaos and catharsis.   The other works by the artist are smaller but no less powerful as  contrasting materials such as aluminum and wood are juxtaposed together to create a  complicated marriage.
Warning this exhibit may inspire some "... my homework blew up,'" excuses.  This exhibit is up until October 12th. Perfect for older kids, teens and adults. Watch the little ones as they will be curious to explore.
Sikkeman Jenkins& Co.  530 West 22nd  Tues-Sat 10- 6pm