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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Hendrik Kerstens

Aluminium, March 2012 , Hendrik Kerstens
60 x 50 inch pigment print
Edition of 5 
   Currently at the Danziger Gallery  the photography of Hendrik Kerstens is on view.  His life work has been taking portraits of his daughter, Paula.  The images reference  painting in the style of the Dutch Masters.  He uses unexpected materials such as tin foil,  plastic bags, and table napkins to accessorize her with hats and neck ware.  Many of the "hats" are styled a la 17 th century but the girl exudes a modern  self-possession. You can almost see her wink as she stares back at the camera.  She is letting you in on the whimsy.   Thankfully the images are printed in large format which shows of a masterful control of lighting and printing.  The total effect is addictive as each image reveals variations in mood and method.  Perfect for all.  Hurry, the work is up until February 16th.
Danziger Gallery 527 West 23rd street