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Saturday, May 18, 2013

Elena Sisto: Between Silver Light and Orange Shadow

Ear, 2013 by Elena Sisto
 Frogs, 2013 by Elena Sisto
Self Portrail with (Red Figure), 2011
Elena Sisto
In a recent interview about her work the artist Elena Sisto said, " When you look at my paintings I want you to look at it and say "Oh, I know what that is."  And indeed, despite  the severe cropping in some of the images you have still have a good idea of what you are looking.  But the fun begins when you get closer to the  paintings and find yourself enjoying the details, the color and the lines.   This series of paintings on view at the Lori Bookstein Fine Art gallery is filled with surprises as the artists depicts  paintings of famous paintings  on the studio walls of artists she portrays (some are of herself).  The cartoonish look to the subjects makes the images very inviting to look at. This show is perfect for all and sadly only up until May 25th.
Lori Bookstein Fine Art  138 10th ave