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Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Richard Serra: New Sculpture

Richard Serra
Inside Out, 2013
photo by Lorenz Kienzle
Richard Serra has two new sculptures on view at The Gagosian Galleries in Chelsea this season, "Inside Out, 2013" and  "Interval's,2013."
My daughter and I like to do a little Serra surfing when we visit his steel sculptures. We  get pretty close to the sculpture  without touching it and  glide along  its  long and curvy passages.   For gliding purposes  "Inside Out, 2013" (at the 21 street gallery)  is very satisfying.  There are three wider openings that are perfectly placed for  us to stop and take a breather before resuming our fast pace along the narrow passageways.  When conditions are optimum  (there is no one else in the gallery but us) (unusual)  so we can keep our crazy glide fluid until  we get out of one end or another.  Otherwise we do our best to maneuver around the other the visitors.   We catch our breath on the outside of the sculpture and walk in a zombie state along its periphery. The color of the steel is shades of browns and warm oranges that emit a  yellow aura where the light from the gallery lights hit the surface.  The sculpture pulsates and is definitely a
 force to be reckoned with.
"Inside Out"  is  up at the 21st gallery until Feb 8th.  "Intervals" is up at the 24th street gallery is until March 15th.
Gagosian www.gagosian.com
555 West 24th Street, through Saturday, March 15, 2014
522 West 21st Street, through Saturday, February 8, 2014