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Saturday, September 20, 2014

Morning Side Lights: Odysseus on the A Train

Imagine your  children participating in a parade along side other children holding beautiful lanterns that they have made.  The glowing laterns emit soft lights that warm every one of the happy faces as they go walking along.   Today you can participate in a workshop held by the Morningside Lights group that have been holding workshops at the Miller Theater which is located at Columbia University. The University is a major subsidizer of this wonderful project. The weekend long arts workshop is produced by a group of directors from the Professional Arts Workshop.
This years theme is Romare Bearden's and his 1977 collage series, "A Black Odyssey"  inspired by Homer's epic.  Hence the name of the project  "Odysseus on the A Train ."
September 20-26 is the Lantern and instrument building workshop and September 27th will be the Procession at 8 p.m.  at  Morningside Park (116th street and Morningside Avenue.  If you can't make the workshops do attend the parade, it is really glorious to just watch.