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Friday, February 21, 2014

Laura James: Anna Carries Water

What is the recipe for an unforgettable children's book?   Equal parts magical story and breathtaking  images.  This week a wonderful example of this magical combination arrived in local bookstores and on Amazon. "Anna Carries Water," is written by Canadian-Jamaican writer Olive Senior, and illustrated by fine artist and Bronx resident, Laura James.
Ms. James, is known for sacred art paintings that depict deities, angels and mortals as people of color. She invites viewers of all ethnicities to connect and become empowered, with spiritual narratives.  For Ms. James, illustrating a children's book felt like entering a new community, but her efforts are already receiving complimentary reviews.  Each illustration is an acrylic painting, whose images are infused with intoxicating colors.  All readers will be drawn into the world of Anna as she struggles to overcome her fear and reach her goal.  Her story is takes place in a mountain Caribbean village.  Typically her family goes to a spring to collect water.  Anna wants to carry water with her family but she is afraid of the cows she must walk past in a nearby field.  She eventually conquers her fears and takes her place in the important  family activity of collecting water.  For a look at more of Ms. James's work go to laurajamesart.com.  "Anna Carries Water,"  is a Tradewind Books publication.
For a closer look click on the images. Enjoy!