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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Art on Astor Row: "Sum of Histories" a pop-up exhibit

clockwise from top:  "Lover's at the Temple," Anthony Smith Jr.,  "Botanica, " Kathleena Howie,
"Island Gurl", Leenda Bonilla,  "Frog King, " Copie Rodriguez,  " "Mem's Friends," Laura James.

A "pop-up" art exhibit has a very short shelf life, here to day gone tomorrow.  Nevertheless,  today is a great day to take a stroll up Lenox Avenue in Harlem and stop in at 48 Astor Row on 130th street and see the art exhibition entitled "Sum of Histories."   A group show consisting of five artists, whose artistic endeavors are at a mid-career point.  Their individual creative paths are not similar but their desire to communicate a narrative with their audience naturally ties them together in this strong exhibit of their work. 
The artists,  Leenda Bonilla,  Kathleena Howie aka LadyK Fever,  Laura James, Anthony Smith Jr and Copie Rodriquez invite you to see to their stories today from 3-6pm